The Issues

VoteThose who are effective at messaging, branding and storytelling and who use the digital media tools available to them, have a greater chance of wielding the persuasive power to motivate voters.

A sample of True Blue North Carolina educational initiatives includes:

  • Voter rights — NC will enact voter ID law which will disenfranchise out of state college students, elderly, low income and minority voters.
  • Woman’s right to her body — NC will enact legislation to limit a woman’s access to safe and legal abortions and birth control.
  • Women’s health — NC will defund Planned Parenthood putting hundreds of thousands of young and low-income women at risk.
  • Early childhood health and education — NC has served as a national model for progressive programs promoting early childhood health and education. NC will now move to defund and eliminate these programs which serve the state’s most vulnerable population, its children.
  • Climate Change – NC will continue to prohibit the use of scientific data that confirms climate change while moving to enact sweeping regulatory changes that will weaken environmental protection.
  • 99 %Public Education — NC will defund public education, create a voucher system and move to privatize public education. The cost of higher education is becoming cost prohibitive and saddling students with heavy debt.
  • LGBT Rights — NC amended its state constitution in 2012 to prohibit gay marriage.
  • Progressive jobs, fair wages and worker’s rights — NC will enact legislation that further erodes the rights of workers. The state economy will not recover under the austerity/budget-cutting policies of the Tea Party controlled state government.
  • Immigration — NC may either enact similar immigration legislation to Arizona and South Carolina or the Tea Party leadership will seek to make gains in this important demographic. To date, the state has taken the former approach by denying young Latinos the right to a driver’s license.
  • Gun Control — Rational balance between the right to bear arms and the right to live in a society free of gun violence.

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